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DIY Succulent Crown

Make your own Beautiful Succulent Crown

supplies you will need:


floral tape

thick floral wire

thin floral wire


wire cutters


Step 1.

Use your thicker floral wire to create a circle that fits around your head where you want your crown to sit. Attach the wires by twisting the ends together and then wrap the circle in floral tape.

Step 2.

After cutting the stems of your plants short with your scissors, insert your thin wire into the stem of each plant.

Bend the wire.

Wrap the stem with the end of the wire to strengthen it and secure it to the wire. Because succulents bruise and scar easily, you will want to be careful not to handle them too roughly during this process.

Step 3.

Chose a plant to start with. Place it on the wire circle where you want it and wrap its wire around the circle. You can use your pliers to squeeze the wires tightly together and to pinch down the ends.

Continue choosing plants, placing them on the wire where you like until your circle is full of beautiful plants. I decided to only do the front half of my crown, but you can do the full thing if you want. Since I had exposed wires, I wrapped the back half in floral tape once more.

Note: Unlike flowers, some succulent leaves can snap off very easily, so be really careful during this process.



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