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Hi I'm Kat!

When I was little, my dad brought home some gorgeous geodes that he had hand picked during a trip to New Mexico. Together, we cracked them open and could not believe the beauty contained inside. My fascination for stones and gems was sparked and I have been obsessing over them ever since.  I have an extensive collection of rare and exotic crystals at home. They are so pretty to look at and fill the space with great energy. I really enjoy photographing their beauty. 

I am fortunate enough to be pursuing both of my passions, music and jewelry.  I have two degrees in Music with a concentration in jazz and classical voice. Music education and performance is where my heart is full. I am currently working on a Masters of Education. As a full time music teacher, I teach grades K-8th and direct two middle school bands. 

Making jewelry has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. As a kid, I remember heading to the local jewelry store every chance I could get and scrounging up whatever change I could find to buy beads and charms for new creations. As I grew older, I started selling my beaded strands of stones and gems at local festivals and markets, where I loved sharing my creations. Before Kattilac Gems came to be, I started Gemini Moon Designs Jewelry. It was my first real venture into production and branding of my creations. After experimenting with hundreds of mediums, my own style began to emerge. Kattilac Gems aims to give back to the wearer and promote positive vibrations through the beauty of nature.  

It brings me so much joy to share my jewelry with others. I especially love to create custom bridal jewelry. Knowing that these gems are going to be a part of someones special day is so magical to me.  

Thank you for reading! 

Love and light, 


Making jewelry is like meditation to me. 

I wanted to create a line of jewelry that could transcend time and trend, one that radiated beauty and enhanced the energy of the person wearing it. I find myself being so inspired by precious gems, stones, and geometric shapes- and I am really just trying to bring out the beauty of what the Earth has already masterfully created. It is my pleasure to create something special for my customers to cherish and share with others and I am confident that they will look good and feel great in this collection of naturally beautiful jewelry. I hope you can fall in love and let these pieces become a part of your personal collection for years to come!

Inspiration for Kattilac Gems comes from a variety of experiences. I've had a lot of odd jobs that have led me to where I am and who I am today. My first years of college I worked at a health food store and obtained a certification as a Yoga teacher. I also worked at a plant nursery and sang opera for a local Italian restaurant. During my undergrad, I reconnected with an old friend who had started a private music academy and wanted me to be a teacher, this is where I found my true passion for music education. Between the music gigs, teaching, and school, making jewelry became a much needed and relaxing pass time. 

I love to travel! Seeing new parts of the world can be so inspiring, so I try to visit and explore new places as much as possible.

I am obsessed with crystals.



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